While Sprout napped today, I cut out the pieces for two shirts. Well, the pieces for 3/4 of two shirts. I’ve been trying to cut the last pieces since she woke up, but that’s an uphill-in-the-snow battle to which I’ll readily concede defeat.

She needs several long sleeves tops for the fall and winter, and I’ve been eager to try my hand at shirt-making. Easing into it, though, I decided to try adapting my peplum top into a full-length top (erm…tunic?). I stumbled upon Pretty Prudent‘s Ruffled Keyhole Shirt tutorial, and it started the wheels turning. I am a sucker for a bib-front baby shirt (see: ), and I love the busy print they chose, and the puffy sleeves! Annoyingly, I forgot to alter my sleeves, so boring old long sleeves they must be. 😩

For the first version, I used my favourite Walmart fabric (I know, I know, I hang my head in shame), and I had enough to fully line it. For the second, I scraped by with just barely enough of the main fabric (yay! I feel so virtuous using up a whole length of fabric, stash busted nibbled away at!), so I’m going to try my hand at facings, instead. Am I the only one who finds facings to be so much more work that linings?

20 hours later, these are the result:



I was toying with the idea of trying my hand at a tutorial, but after I whipped them together (3 hours in all, not too shabby), I discovered that my pattern has a major flaw: it doesn’t allow for any ease in the sides. Woe was me! The pictures above are the end result, after another full 3 hours worth of hack work. I am sad that they no longer look as marvelous on the inside as they did originally, but at least I think they’ll be worn. I hope they’ll be worn. They’d better be worn!

Turns out that facings were no big deal! I used the same fabric for the facings that I used for the bib, and they looked very striking, indeed!