For the last (!) day of my challenge, I finished up the third of the set of Purl Bee Toddler T-Shirts , this one in white eyelet that I had leftover from an ambitious maternity shirt project.


The eyelet is pretty transparent, so I underlined the whole thing using my über-soft old white sheet, preserving the original hems (because, please!). It came together beautifully, in spite of my wonkier-that-usual cutting, and I rather like the clean simplicity of it, I think it will be lovely come next summer.

This week’s challenge has allowed me to pare my sewing list from a weighty tome down to a manageable essay, so I’d say it was a huge success! Probably the biggest success, though, is the feeling of personal triumph that has brightened my whole week, and today most of all, a rosy glow that is entirely self-derived and -sustained!