This is a romper that I made to accompany yesterday’s tunic. I made it using Pickup Some Creativity’s Summertime Romper Pattern. It is a remarkably thorough and easy to follow tutorial, and it comes together beautifully. This is the boys’ version in size 18-24 mos, I’m tempted to give the adorable girls’ version a try, too, before Sprout outgrows the pattern.


I lined it fully with muslin, instead of using facings, out of sheer laziness, and aforementioned lack of zigzag capability. I bought the fabric at a thrift store some time ago, and thought it would be suitably boyish. To be quite frank, the reason that I felt it would pass the boyish-enough test is that I found myself rolling my eyes with exclamations of disdain every time I looked at it. My personal litmus test, I guess, but why are there not more awesome boy fabrics?! Or, better yet, why aren’t boys encouraged to wear bolder prints?

When I cut into the fabric, I paid very close attention to the positioning of each piece, so that the plaid would line up well, and it was looking quite smashing … until I forgot that there was no obvious ‘right side’, and reversed exactly half of the pieces when I joined them, so that they all look completely off. *sigh* Oh well, we live and learn, no? I did another continuous bound placket for the back, and, even with the finicky plaid, this one came out much better than my first.