Yay! Today I made another yoked tunic, this time for a gift for a friend whose little boy is due in a couple of months. Ordinarily, I tend to shy away from giving clothing for baby gifts, preferring a more well-rounded gift, but this will be their third baby, and their first boy, so I figured clothes would actually be the most practical gift in this instance.

I bought several yards of this glorious ship-in-a-bottle fabric at a second-hand store for a pittance a while back, and I simply adore it! I paired it with a navy kona cotton (seemed appropriate, given the nautical vibe), and I’m quite delighted with the results!

Next time around I’m going to pay close attention to the length of the slash down the middle, I keep making it too long, because I forget to account for the seam allowance. It is, however, becoming more intuitive the more I tweak this pattern, and the heavy kona cotton made it a breeze-crisp corners without any effort whatsoever!

I sewed the entire piece this evening, which pleases me, it was quite an undertaking, and it is gratifying to have it done.