Today I finished up one of the Toddler T-Shirts by Molly at Purl Bee that I had cut. Quick, easy, and to the point.


I like that it’s a T-shirt pattern made for woven fabric, my ancient antique sewing machine cannot zigzag, or handle any of the other tricks for working with knits, so, while I love my machine to pieces, until someone drops a serger into my lap (ouch, maybe into my table would be better), knits are out.

I also enjoyed the use of the envelope neckline, they’re fun and easy, and so striking. I think I’m going to have to tweak the pattern a little to get the fit just right, I should have added a little width to accommodate the French seams, and I should have made the envelope neckline a little tighter. It is a size 3T, and the body fits her well now, but her shoulders slip right through the neckline. (An aside because this is something that not enough people know, considering how it revolutionizes childcare: one of the reasons that they put envelope necklines on onesies for babies is so that the onesie can be pulled down from the shoulders in case of the dreaded poop-splosion.)