I had almost reconciled myself to failing to complete my challenge today, but I found I just couldn’t face that. So…


I threw together one if my mom’s old standbys, and it came together lightning fast, without any measuring, and barely any cutting. I used French seams (I guess I always use French seams, unless I’m lining a piece, so I could probably skip the mention), and a favourite fabric that I chose because I knew My Beloved would love it. One small problem-I gave it a 20″ waist, figuring it for a 3T, but I didn’t consider the length-this may be long enough when Sprout is 15 … *sigh*
Ah, well, so far she falls on the tall & slender end of the spectrum, so maybe it’ll work someday. It may be worth putting in growth pleats later, we’ll have to see. For now, though, I’m delighted to have met my challenge for the day!