For the second day of my challenge, I put together the second trial run of the yoked tunic I’ve been working on. *note to self: pattern testing and speed sewing are not a good mix.


This time I tested a 3T with short sleeves and a slight a-line. I like this version of the armscyes much better, and the placket came together without much fuss, unlike last time … I particularly wanted to test the french seams, which were sloppy because i was rushing, but proved doable (graceful, even). I didn’t hem it, hence the ‘check-ish’, but My Beloved prefers it that way, and who am I to argue with a man who is making my life easier? Also, I’m out of orange thread …

Tomorrow I hope to be able to knuckle down a little during naptime. If there is a naptime tomorrow … I’ve cobbled together my small victories in the evenings, so far, but would feel much less pressured, I’m sure if I spaced my work-time throughout the day.

*To be perfectly above board here: this pattern is an exercise in pattern drafting for me, it was inspired by the Charlie Tunic by the remarkable Rae of Made By Rae. I have purchased a copy of her pattern (so as not to blatantly rip-off an independent pattern designer), but not used it, just to see if I can do it myself. I will not ever sell the resulting patterns (again, see above), and highly recommend this, and any other Made By Rae patterns (because they are exquisitely well drafted and explained).