For my first day, I completed a dress in size 2y for this fall/winter. I’ve had this scrap of home dec. fabric that I found at a thrift store in my stash for months, and had desperately wanted to use it for a dress for Sprout (a little non-traditional use of fabric never hurt anyone, right?), and realized the other day that if I didn’t use it soon, I wouldn’t have enough of it. So here it is, yay!


I think I used the Cottage Home Party Dress in size 2y, I haven’t used the pattern before, and wanted to give it a test run. I fully lined it using a thrifted, and very, very soft, sheet, and pleated the skirt, after trying with no success to gather the very thick fabric. I also decided to try a continuous bound placket for the back-not perfect, but a pretty good shot, I’d say, and well worth the hassle!

All in all, not a bad hour’s worth of work! And extra points because I toyed all day with the idea of abandoning ship.