After debating for a couple of days on how best to shrink the (very detailed, very long) stitching list that is beginning feel a trifle looming, I have decided to set myself a week-long challenge.

For one 7-day week, I aim to complete one sewing project every day.

I have two or three dresses cut and started, a tunic pattern in the final drafting stages, with at least one test run cut and ready to go, a baby jacket cut, and a whole batch of baby gifts planned for a couple of dear friends who are expecting. All that to say, I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew, hence the need to actually complete some of them, and get them off of my shoulders (metaphorically speaking).

So, I aim to complete at least seven projects this week, at least one each day, with accompanying photo(s) and brief description of process and product. Yay! Here goes …