I sat on the picnic bench in the backyard this afternoon to begin relearning about simple bodice construction. While Sprout scribbled happily on the bench beside me (unfortunately, it was quite literally on the bench), I traced, cut, and measured two of her dresses.

I had one packed away with her outgrown 12 month clothes, which is, I think, my all-time favourite dress, fit-wise. It has a large, variegated dot print that I’ve never really cared for, so I called the resulting pattern the Bubble Dress.

The other dress was a flea market find that a friend brought over for me when Sprout was itty bitty. I hung it up, and just waited (and waited, and waited) for her to grow into it. It is a generously sized 18 month dress, in the most beautiful turquoise. I called it the Flea Market Dress.

After tracing the dresses onto copy paper, I measured the actual dresses, corrected the diagrams (which were off by a surprising amount), and added my preferred 1/2 inch seam allowance.